MBA: Mobile Business Advantage Partner

Going mobile is not just about building fancy and expensive apps. Its all about converting the mobile technology to a competitive business advantage across the value chain. It is about transforming how you do business, through new ways of working, seeing and interacting. Its putting mobile potential in the hands of your workforce, your partners, your suppliers and your customers. As your Enterprise Mobility Partner, we will help you make the journey from mobile potential to mobile advantage.

Mobile Strategy - identifying the potential and creating Well-Defined Roadmap

We work with you to:
  1. Define a roadmap that is based on your needs and behavior and then integrate the same with features and functions.
  2. Help you build consensus across your organization/ supply chain and customers and engage teams to support mobile transformation success nd ensure they remain relevant in the rapidly evolving Mobile world.
  3. Address operational, process and technology gaps before implementation.
  4. Optimize connectivity among your mobile initiatives, allowing you to bring mobile services faster to your target market and ensure they remain relevant in the rapidly evolving Mobile world.
Go Beyond Mobile Functions and Features

A comprehensive mobile strategy considers not only features and functions but how your customers actually use mobile technologies.

Our experts help you:

Extend beyond basic functionality to support and deliver complete business process transformation

Focus on mobile platforms, rather than quick-fix solutions. This enables you to innovate faster, meet your current business needs and establish a foundation for the future

Mobile Applications

App development for smartphones, PDAs and tablets is a top enterprise mobility priority.. Repository of Accelerators Enables Speedy Development Our Mobile Applications Service Center of Excellence is equipped with the tools to develop and launch the latest mobile applications. The center offers strong capabilities in hardware, software and integration. Our teams cover a range of areas, including coded templates for common functions such as social media integration and device navigation. These experts understand what your mobile users want from an interface, how it should work and how it should feel. With this knowledge and using our accelerators, we can speed up your companys mobile development.

Tailor made mobile Apps.

Our Service Center of Excellence designs your application to fully integrate with your business needs and meet your strategic goals. This will significantly reduce costs while raising app quality standards. Plan First, Then Develop Mobile Apps Our business-driven approach to developing mobile applications is available to all organizations, large and small, no matter what their level of mobile maturity. We work with you to ensure that the applications we develop convert your objectives into reality. Through a series of user experiences and user interface design stages, you are able to visualize the apps prototype, allowing you to influence its development before finalization.