mSpace specializes in creating custom solutions that combine Mobile data collection on the field with analytics on the web to provide managements the ability to derive knowledge from their operations real-time.


Software Solution to support enabling Livelihoods through Fish Farming and full-cycle Inland Fisheries programs

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MOBIS Survey

An integrated and configurable Mobility solution to Map and Collect Data for various Features in the Village related to Ground Water Management, Farming, Households, Pest Control etc.

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The Govt Infra Survey application is an IT based mobility solution to reliably capture and digitize the information related to govt offices at villages and towns.

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Solar Land Survey

Solar Land SUrvey is a mobile enabled application to capture information about Land Parcels for Solar Projects. This is a configurable application based on the project's needs

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Work Inspection Sampling Engine (WISE)- A Productivity Measurement and Improvement Tool

WISE enables the user to create studies and Captures the data at Construction sites the information about the efficient utilization of various resources.

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SMART - System for Material Resource Tracking, a software solution for material and vehicle tracking across their remote work sites.

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